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Pet Supply Store in New Paltz and Gardiner

AvoDerm Canned Dog Fodo in the Hudson Valley AvoDerm uses only quality ingredients to provide healthy, balanced levels of protein, fat, and nutrients. AvoDerm was created when a chance encounter with a local farmer produced the idea of combining healthy dog food with the avocado super fruit. The result is history as thousands of pet parents have marveled at the difference AvoDerm has made with their pets. Feed AvoDerm regularly to sustain the highest level of nutrition for your dog from the inside out.
Blue Buffalo offers a line of natural, healthy and holistic foods for dogs. All recipes contain real meat as the first ingredient, along with wholesome whole grains, garden veggies and healthy fruit. Blue Buffalo canned dog food by special order only.
CANIDAE premium dog foods use quality ingredients, and our new Grain Free PURE Elements recipe is made with fresh lamb, plus three high quality meat and fish meals: turkey meal, chicken meal, and menhaden fish meal. We also use whole foods including sweet potatoes, peas and chickpeas for naturally great nutrition.
Dave's Naturally Healthy™ Canned Dog Food is a holistic formula packed with the finest ingredients nature has to offer. It contains no chemicals, no wheat, no gluten, no soy and no corn. It's just a simple, all-natural formula that is great for your dog. Dry food by special order.
Evanger's is the only family-owned and operated pet food cannery in the United States, with a commitment to using the highest quality wholesome ingredients.
EVO foods and treats contain ingredients and nutrient levels which most closely resemble the ancestral diet of dogs and cats. Similar to a diet of prey, EVO is a grain free, lowest carb, protein rich alternative for your pet. Evo canned dog food by special order only.
Holistic Select goes "beyond natural" by building a foundation of premium proteins, fats and carbohydrates and then adding "Select Actives" like enzymes, live micro-organisms, phytonutrients, and botanicals. These ingredients activate a higher level of health.

Merrick holistic meals combine the fine quality of human grade ingredients from the protein sources that are the number one ingredient, to the fresh vegetables and fruits added to all of these special dishes. Merrick skips no details, all meals are loaded with nutrition.

 Natural Balance Canned Dog food in the Hudson Valley

Natural Balance canned dog food offers benefits that traditional dry dog food cannot, such as additional water, and an increased variety of flavors. Canned food is also easier for some pets to eat, making it a great alternative for dogs that have picky palates or difficulty eating traditional dry food. Wet or canned dog foods can be a great source of hydration if your pet doesn’t drink enough water during the day. All of these benefits are great reasons to consider a canned dog food diet.

Nature's Variety foods are 100% free of corn, wheat, soy, chemicals, and artificial colors & preservatives. Each diet is rich in meat, poultry or fish proteins. We stock Instinct canned dog food.
Taste of the Wild is made with real roasted meats and supplemented with fruits and vegetables. These grain-free formulas offer highly digestible energy and natural antioxidants.
True Wellness dog food in the Hudson Valley True Wellness can only come from an ideal balance of protein, fats, and carbohydrates—no ‘empty calories.’ When it comes to protein, we know that pet foods sometimes use inferior ingredients. We do not. True Wellness comes from using only pure protein, no fillers, or artificial ingredients.
Whole Earth Farms dog food was created as a truly holistic food at a value price, without compromising the quality of your beloved pet's food. Whole Earth Farms provides your dog with the best the earth has to offer including multiple protein sources and vitamins and minerals.