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Pet Supply Store in New Paltz and Gardiner

Meet Michele Zigrossi, owner of The Natural Pet Center at Ireland Corners, Michele has a passion for pets and always knew she wanted to work in the field of nutrition. After graduating with a B.S. in Human Food and Nutrition from the University of Maine at Orono, she and her husband Dominick returned to his home state of New York. In 2003 they opened Heritage Feed and Supply in Bullville, NY, where the nutritionist and her Agriculture Business major husband have enjoyed several years of growth and happiness running a successful feed and pet supply store with a strong emphasis on equine feed and holistic pet food. For Michele, The Natural Pet Center is the natural culmination of her passion for pets and knowledge of nutrition.

Michele has really enjoyed using her nutrition knowledge for the benefit of pets.  When she was growing up Michele's family adopted a German Sheppard who they named Lacy. Lacy lived until the age of 12 but had many problems with her hips as well as skin and coat issues. When Michele looks back over Lacy's diet of dry dog food that made its own gravy and canned dog food from the super market, she realizes Lacy's quality of life could have been so much better.

Michele can help ensure that your pet gets the most years from its life and the most life in its years

Does your pet suffer from joint aches, allergy problems, skin and coat issues, or bad breath?
High quality, wholesome pet foods and supplements could be part of the answer.

Treats do not have to be the corn laden dog biscuits of the past

    • Our treats are made with turkey, chicken, bison, venison, lamb, beef and other high quality proteins
    • Fruits and vegetables are included for additional antioxidant benefits
    • We offer grain free treats and biscuits

Come meet Michele and her staff. They've done the research and ingredient label reading for you!